Takehiro Shinohara(Cl)&Kyoko Asaka(Pf) Duo Ricital~German Romantic Music~

Sunday, July 11, 2021, 2:00 pm Read More …

Venue:Yanmer Museum, Shiga, Japan

Program:Bach:Air on the G string
     :Mendelssohn:On the wings of the song
     :Brahms:Hungarian Dances No.5
         :Waltz op.39-15
     :Schumann:Fantasy Piecies op.73
     :Reinecke:Fantasy Piecies for Piano and Clarinetto op.22
     :Burgmüller:Duet for Piano and Clarinetto op.15
Organization:The Yamaoka Memorial Foundation http://yamaoka-memorial.or.jp